Parenting and Family Stabilization Class

What is the Parenting and Family Stabilization Class for Divorcing Parents?

The Parenting and Family Stabilization Class provides divorcing parents the opportunity to learn about and discuss the effect that divorce and changing family situations has on children. The class introduces parents to methods of minimizing the negative consequences of divorce on their children. Particular focus is placed on making parents aware of the various ways their children may express their reactions to the changing family structure.

What Benefits Does the Parenting and Family Stabilization Class Provide Divorcing Parents?

Experience has shown that divorce often includes a variety of conflicts between spouses that can continue well beyond the legal divorce. When parental conflict is present, children are adversely. We know that when parents work to develop cooperative plans in the best interest of their children they can continue to grow and develop in positive ways.

The belief is that given information and guidance, parents will move beyond their differences to consider the best interest of their children. The program believes in assisting parents to anticipate future problem situations in the life of their family both during and after the divorce. Children’s birthdays, holidays, vacations, with whom the children will spend these days and how parents must share responsibilities for their children are all issues that are addressed in the training.

Why Are Parenting Classes Required By the Court?

  • At the time parents approach a legal divorce, mostare emotionally upset and primarily involved in the changes in their lives. During this period many parents find it difficult to recognize and respond tothe needs of their children. This is why, for many the classes are most helpfulat the beginning of the divorce experience.
  • Divorcing parents who do not cooperatively try to meet the needs of theirchildren are often parents who return to court many times in an attempt toresolve conflicts over custody and visitation. These battles are costly andusually result in ongoing conflicts.
  • Research has found that if children experience negative consequences as aresult of their parent’s divorce,these same children have a highprobability of having difficulties later in life.

Who Should Attend Parenting Classes?

Since it is necessary for divorcing parents to be aware of how to avoid destructive behaviors toward their children during the divorce process, and since we know that active parenting of the children by both parents must continue even though the marital relationship is ending, the court usually requires both parents to attend.

  • Divorcing parents should schedule different sessions unless specificallyrequested to take the same class.
  • The class is for parents and there are no facilities at the classroom sitefor the children.
  • Unregistered adults will not be permitted to attend the class. Please donot bring other adults with you

Class Options:

There are currently two ways to take the Parenting and Family Stabilization Class. Live interactive classes are taught in Daytona Beach and On-line classes may be accessed on the internet. Please click on the Live Class or the Internet Class options for further instruction on the registration process.

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